With a good Realtor you always land on your feet

LaKendra Eubanks is fearless. Why else would someone jump out of a perfectly good plane 13,500 ft. in the air? After she first flew in an airplane headed to Hawaii she stared out the window and dreamed of what it would be like to be among the beautiful white clouds.

She wanted to make her dream reality, so she hopped over to Miami Skydive and took the ultimate leap of faith. Well, she thought it was something she wanted to do until moments before the jump. She watched as the diver before her got sucked up from the plane and disappeared into the air right before her eyes. It seemed almost as if a vacuum had sucked him up like in one of the horror movies. “Oh god, what am I doing,” she thought as the guy she was connected to started to approach the open door with the wind gushing in.

The initial 60-second free-fall was like a roller costal ride with one of the longest down hills ever. The photographer told her to look at the camera while she jumped but all she could do was yell.

One of the underrated parts of skydiving is the few minutes after the free-fall. The parachute opens, and you’re just soaring through the air looking over the magnificent ocean and city. You could see the lots and blots as you soar over the world. The view was astonishing and the feeling was exhilarating. She said if she had to come back as an animal it would be an eagle. Oh, what peace and serenity.

One of the most surprising parts of the entire experience was how she landed perfectly on two feet. At that moment she knew that all things were possible. A synergy of brilliant minds came together to create that safe experience the same way Aiken was created as a serene gateway winter colony retreat for the wealthy and is paradise to horse lovers.

LaKendra wants her clients to find the same worthwhile experience in Real Estate in Aiken, a place where southern charm is felt like the warmth of the rising sun.

LaKendra’s goal is for every client to feel the comfort that she felt while safely landing perfectly on two feet … during each and every real estate transaction.

Inspiration is what brought Aiken to life and inspiring you is what LaKendra does best: Her motto is Making Your Realty Dreams Reality.





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